The Operator of the Service is ARMEX AUTOMATYKA Sp. Z o.o with headquarters in ul. 1 Maja 5, 47-400 Racibórz, NIP 6392005922

The service gets information about users and their behaviour by saving information in cookies.


The service uses cookies.

Cookies are data information, specifically text files, which are kept in the end system of the Service Users and used for the internet page of the Service. Cookies normally contain the name of the internet page which they come from, the time they are kept on the end system and an original number.

The object putting the cookies on the end system of the Service User and with access to them is the Service Operator.

Cookies are used for the following aims:

  • Creating statistics, which help to understand how the users of the service use the internet page in order to improve its structure and contents;
  • Keeping the service users’ sessions (after logging out) so that the user does not need to input his login and password on every sub page;
  • Defining the users’ profile in order to show him the most appropriate material from advertising networks, particularly Google.

The service uses two different kinds of cookies “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are temporary files, which are kept in the end system of the user until they log out, leave the internet page or turn off the programme (web browser). Persistent cookies are kept in the user’s system for a time defined in the cookie file parametres or until the user deletes them.

Programmes for surfing the internet (web browser) normally allow cookies to be kept on the user’s system. Service users can change the settings about this. Web browsers allow cookies to be deleted. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. Detailed information about this topic can be found in the help documentation of the web browsers.

The limiting of the use of cookies can influence some functions available on the service’s internet page.

Cookies are located in the end system on the service user and can be used by advertising operators who cooperate with the service and by its partners.

We recommend reading the privacy protection policy of these companies to find out about the use of cookies in statistics : Google Analytics privacy protection policy

Cookies can be used by advertising networks, particularly Google, to show adverts suited to the way in which the user uses the service. For this reason, they can contain information about the navigation trail of the user or the time spent on a particular page.

As far as information about preferences collected by the advertising network Google, is concerned, the user can see and edit information from cookies using the tool:


Data is only shared with an exterior subject in accordance with the limits governed by law.

Data allowing a person to be identified is shared only with the consent of that person.

The Operator may have the obligation to share information collected by the service with an authorized organ based on legal duty if need be.


If a user does not want to receive cookies, they can change the settings of their web browser. We warn that turning of cookie service which is necessary in the authentication process, safety process and keeping the preferences of the user, can make it difficult, and in some cases impossible to use the web page.

In order to manage the cookie settings choose from the list below the internet browser/ system and follow the instructions.
Internet Explorer

The service operator informs that limiting the use of cookies can have an effect on the functioning of the service’s internet pages.

More information on the topic of cookies can be found at the following address: or in the help section of the internet browser.